Honest poker

According to experts and poker experts, such fears about the honesty of the game still seem more like a phobia. And if you want to get rid of it – the recipe is very simple – just find a good and reliable poker room. In it, your money will be in greater safety than in the most reliable bank. Do you doubt that this is possible? Then, what do you say about the fact that not so long ago, many banking systems of the leading countries of the world applied for the creation of a support program to their government so that they could protect the savings of their customers. Then it was decided that all legal online poker rooms (pay attention to the word legal) are obliged to keep the funds of their players – yours, including in secure bank accounts. And, all operations on their investment and transfer or withdrawal without your knowledge can not pass. This guarantees you the maximum degree of financial protection for your bankroll. That’s just your poker room should really be legal and reliable.
As for the situations when you still have to worry about your banroll, not because of your possible loss, but because your poker room simply “throws” you, these are situations where you trust your little-known online gaming assets. institutions with low rates of return, which balance on the verge of the shadow of bankruptcy. If you choose such poker rooms to play, you risk a lot, and one day you might be afraid of something that you were so afraid of, you won’t lose your money, you just lose it.
Poker software – is there a risk that it is “tied up”
Another phobia of poker players in online poker rooms is related to the fact that the software for playing in such establishments can be “tweaked” in advance so that you lose. And, like the previous fear – this phobia has no reason for existence, again, if you play in a decent institution that has worked well. As for the theoretical possibility of “spinning up” such software for playing poker, then, as practice shows, history and experience, similar precedents were, however, the likelihood that it will happen again to you is the most minimal. Decent places will not risk their reputation in the eyes of the players and the world community, and not decent poker rooms – we are not playing with them.
Well, let’s summarize our results regarding fair poker. Poker can really be a fair and transparent game if you play in poker rooms that have a good reputation. In such institutions, your bankroll will not evaporate, and the software will not play against you.