Poker motivation

There is no such regular who in his entire career would never have encountered absolute indifference to the game and a lack of desire to learn something new, to carry out analysis or to engage in the improvement of already formed skills. However, poker is not the kind of earnings, choosing which you can from time to time simply move away due to the fact that there is no mood or desire to participate in the next distribution.
But playing in a depressed state is also not an option, because to get a decent result, a poker player must actively work with his head and be notable for his impressive performance. That is why it is so important to learn how to effectively deal with bouts of apathy and indifference, despite the fact that sometimes poker can seem very monotonous and monotonous.
Sometimes this quality and saves the player, even though he is far from being the most creative approach to the game and can not boast of unique skill. During periods of fatigue, many poker players who could reach heights begin to think about returning to the walls of offices and other institutions. After all, there you can not worry about the fact that the salary will not be received on time, and you will always be able to hope for career growth. But is it worth a shattered perspective?
Anyone can give up. It is much more difficult to pull yourself together and remember that temporary weakness is not worth giving up your favorite activity and cardinal changes in life.
First of all, you need to understand what caused this undesirable state. And they can be very different. However, as practice shows, the majority of poker players give up when the real reward does not correspond to the expected one. They just start day after day to follow the same scenario and perform the same monotonous procedures. Thus, life looks very dull and dull. And, accordingly, soon comes the depression, which does not have to an effective game.
Not only does the player lose faith in a bright future because of the constant losses in poker, this form also does not provide for active communication with people who could influence the situation and give some practical advice. From this it is very easy to conclude that psychological motivation is one of the most important tasks facing any connoisseur of poker.