Interconnection of implied odds and fold equity

At the initial stаge of lеarning in a poker school, familiarity with the basic tеrms and nuances of the game takes place. And with such concepts as impled odds and fold equity, the overwhelming majority of players get acquainted at the very beginning of their development. But knowledge is depreciated if it is not applied in practice.
After all, not everyone is able to fully understand certain points, so they cannot really correctly assess their value, as well as the connection that exists between them. Such a gap in learning becomes the cause of an incorrect assessment of the situation and, accordingly, entails the adoption of erroneous decisions. That is why, it is very important to understand this topic thoroughly.
Significance of Implay Odds in Poker
Possessing information regarding the implied odds, any poker player can figure out exactly which hands he should play in a particular situation. This is due to the fact that he will be forced not only to assess his current situation, but also to consider possible scenarios for the future. And thinking a few moves ahead is a very useful feature, which is never superfluous, not only in poker.
Significance of fold equity
However, you should not use only implied odds. After all, for example, fold equity helps to very clearly assess the demonstration of aggression and notice exactly the opportunities that are currently the most profitable. If a player cannot cope with this task, he is doomed to lose his own money and constantly refuses moments that would almost guaranteed him to become a winner.
The interaction of two concepts
And if it is quite simple to understand that both of these concepts play an important role, then it is sometimes much more difficult to understand how they interact. But in the end, it all comes down to ranges. For example, becoming the owner of a weak hand, a poker player evaluates the range of his opponent’s hands and understands that for a positive result, it is important for him to hit the flop well. Accordingly, with a decrease in implied odds, the chances that the hand will be paid should increase. However, in this position, the enemy range must also be stronger.