When is it better to make a betting poker?

Based on the general trend, it becomes obvious that aggrеssive players, often making a bet-bet, as a rule, cause quite a lot of mistrust about whether they managed to make a decent combination. In the same position, which is more serious for tight players making a continuation bet.
However, it is not only the image of the poker player who makes a choice in favor of the contact beta, but also his opponents that matter. Having collected a sufficient amount of information about them, and determining which types each of them belongs to, it will be possible to instantly notice one common pattern. Its essence lies in the fact that aggressive players tend to respond to the bet in the continuation, being in very different positions, while the tight players play without changing their usual conservative manner.
Memories of past games
Trying to determine the relevance of the contact-bet, especially when it comes to playing with poker players, who have recently been quite often at the same table, it is very important to try to remember their reaction to similar situations. It should be borne in mind here that sometimes even the most regular players can change their strategy, but in general, this approach is quite justified. Knowledge of the patterns of behavior of opponents is a great tool that will definitely come in handy not only in this situation.
Poker hand strength, position and pin bet
Speaking of hand strength in poker, it should be noted that in this case its role is rather secondary. This is due to the fact that for the owner of a strong combination, the decision in favor of the contact beta is fully justified and expected, since it allows you to fill in value. As for players with weak hands, the bet in the continuation is one of the attempts to force the opponent to fold.
Most of the difficulties arise in situations when it comes to playing with combinations of medium strength, since they require serious analysis. But the position is not just another factor. It depends on it the amount of information that can be collected and, accordingly, the ability to make truly informed and balanced decisions.
A good position is almost an absolute guarantee of a successful contact bet, and this should be kept in mind.