Honest poker

According to experts and poker experts, such fears about the honesty of the game still seem more like a phobia. And if you want to get rid of it – the recipe is very simple – just find a good and reliable poker room. In it, your money will be in greater safety than in the most reliable bank. Do you doubt that this is possible? Then, what do you say about the fact that not so long ago, many banking systems of the leading countries of the world applied for the creation of a support program to their government so that they could protect the savings of their customers. Then it was decided that all legal online poker rooms (pay attention to the word legal) are obliged to keep the funds of their players – yours, including in secure bank accounts. And, all operations on their investment and transfer or withdrawal without your knowledge can not pass. This guarantees you the maximum degree of financial protection for your bankroll. That’s just your poker room should really be legal and reliable.
As for the situations when you still have to worry about your banroll, not because of your possible loss, but because your poker room simply “throws” you, these are situations where you trust your little-known online gaming assets. institutions with low rates of return, which balance on the verge of the shadow of bankruptcy. If you choose such poker rooms to play, you risk a lot, and one day you might be afraid of something that you were so afraid of, you won’t lose your money, you just lose it.
Poker software – is there a risk that it is “tied up”
Another phobia of poker players in online poker rooms is related to the fact that the software for playing in such establishments can be “tweaked” in advance so that you lose. And, like the previous fear – this phobia has no reason for existence, again, if you play in a decent institution that has worked well. As for the theoretical possibility of “spinning up” such software for playing poker, then, as practice shows, history and experience, similar precedents were, however, the likelihood that it will happen again to you is the most minimal. Decent places will not risk their reputation in the eyes of the players and the world community, and not decent poker rooms – we are not playing with them.
Well, let’s summarize our results regarding fair poker. Poker can really be a fair and transparent game if you play in poker rooms that have a good reputation. In such institutions, your bankroll will not evaporate, and the software will not play against you.

When is it better to make a betting poker?

Based on the general trend, it becomes obvious that aggrеssive players, often making a bet-bet, as a rule, cause quite a lot of mistrust about whether they managed to make a decent combination. In the same position, which is more serious for tight players making a continuation bet.
However, it is not only the image of the poker player who makes a choice in favor of the contact beta, but also his opponents that matter. Having collected a sufficient amount of information about them, and determining which types each of them belongs to, it will be possible to instantly notice one common pattern. Its essence lies in the fact that aggressive players tend to respond to the bet in the continuation, being in very different positions, while the tight players play without changing their usual conservative manner.
Memories of past games
Trying to determine the relevance of the contact-bet, especially when it comes to playing with poker players, who have recently been quite often at the same table, it is very important to try to remember their reaction to similar situations. It should be borne in mind here that sometimes even the most regular players can change their strategy, but in general, this approach is quite justified. Knowledge of the patterns of behavior of opponents is a great tool that will definitely come in handy not only in this situation.
Poker hand strength, position and pin bet
Speaking of hand strength in poker, it should be noted that in this case its role is rather secondary. This is due to the fact that for the owner of a strong combination, the decision in favor of the contact beta is fully justified and expected, since it allows you to fill in value. As for players with weak hands, the bet in the continuation is one of the attempts to force the opponent to fold.
Most of the difficulties arise in situations when it comes to playing with combinations of medium strength, since they require serious analysis. But the position is not just another factor. It depends on it the amount of information that can be collected and, accordingly, the ability to make truly informed and balanced decisions.
A good position is almost an absolute guarantee of a successful contact bet, and this should be kept in mind.

Interconnection of implied odds and fold equity

At the initial stаge of lеarning in a poker school, familiarity with the basic tеrms and nuances of the game takes place. And with such concepts as impled odds and fold equity, the overwhelming majority of players get acquainted at the very beginning of their development. But knowledge is depreciated if it is not applied in practice.
After all, not everyone is able to fully understand certain points, so they cannot really correctly assess their value, as well as the connection that exists between them. Such a gap in learning becomes the cause of an incorrect assessment of the situation and, accordingly, entails the adoption of erroneous decisions. That is why, it is very important to understand this topic thoroughly.
Significance of Implay Odds in Poker
Possessing information regarding the implied odds, any poker player can figure out exactly which hands he should play in a particular situation. This is due to the fact that he will be forced not only to assess his current situation, but also to consider possible scenarios for the future. And thinking a few moves ahead is a very useful feature, which is never superfluous, not only in poker.
Significance of fold equity
However, you should not use only implied odds. After all, for example, fold equity helps to very clearly assess the demonstration of aggression and notice exactly the opportunities that are currently the most profitable. If a player cannot cope with this task, he is doomed to lose his own money and constantly refuses moments that would almost guaranteed him to become a winner.
The interaction of two concepts
And if it is quite simple to understand that both of these concepts play an important role, then it is sometimes much more difficult to understand how they interact. But in the end, it all comes down to ranges. For example, becoming the owner of a weak hand, a poker player evaluates the range of his opponent’s hands and understands that for a positive result, it is important for him to hit the flop well. Accordingly, with a decrease in implied odds, the chances that the hand will be paid should increase. However, in this position, the enemy range must also be stronger.

How to start a poker game

Taking part in any game involves knowing the rules of this game. Otherwise it can not be. Therefore, today we decided to start a convеrsation about poker with an introduction to the rules of poker for beginners. Thanks to your acquaintance with such a theory, you will not only learn how to play poker successfully, but you will be able to get to know, not in words, its kind like Texas Holden.
Thе stаrt of the first rоund of betting indicates the beginning of the active phase of poker. During such a round, you can quit the game (this is called a fold), bet, raise your opponents, level the bet, pass the move on, but on the condition that no one has bet.
In order for a poker game to be orderly, rather than chaotic, there are special rules for the order of the turn, and you must know them, as they are part of the rules of poker for beginners. So, it is fundamentally important that trading at the poker table is carried out exclusively clockwise. That is, one player performs his actions, and the turn turns to the next player, who is next to him, on the left side. For the first round of betting, it is stipulated that the player who starts from the big blind to the left begins to walk first. Whereas, the second round and all subsequent trade are opened by the players to the left of the dealer.
Well, after each plаyer has said his word, all bets are collected in one pile, and moved to the center of the table – they will form a bank for which poker players will fight during the game. This is followed by the next stage of the poker game called the flop …
Today, we have begun to consider poker rules for beginners (you can learn more at the poker school), and got acquainted with the main tenets of poker, and in particular one of its varieties of Texas Holden, where the game begins, how blind bets occur, and how the order of the nеxt turn is dеtermined.

Poker motivation

There is no such regular who in his entire career would never have encountered absolute indifference to the game and a lack of desire to learn something new, to carry out analysis or to engage in the improvement of already formed skills. However, poker is not the kind of earnings, choosing which you can from time to time simply move away due to the fact that there is no mood or desire to participate in the next distribution.
But playing in a depressed state is also not an option, because to get a decent result, a poker player must actively work with his head and be notable for his impressive performance. That is why it is so important to learn how to effectively deal with bouts of apathy and indifference, despite the fact that sometimes poker can seem very monotonous and monotonous.
Sometimes this quality and saves the player, even though he is far from being the most creative approach to the game and can not boast of unique skill. During periods of fatigue, many poker players who could reach heights begin to think about returning to the walls of offices and other institutions. After all, there you can not worry about the fact that the salary will not be received on time, and you will always be able to hope for career growth. But is it worth a shattered perspective?
Anyone can give up. It is much more difficult to pull yourself together and remember that temporary weakness is not worth giving up your favorite activity and cardinal changes in life.
First of all, you need to understand what caused this undesirable state. And they can be very different. However, as practice shows, the majority of poker players give up when the real reward does not correspond to the expected one. They just start day after day to follow the same scenario and perform the same monotonous procedures. Thus, life looks very dull and dull. And, accordingly, soon comes the depression, which does not have to an effective game.
Not only does the player lose faith in a bright future because of the constant losses in poker, this form also does not provide for active communication with people who could influence the situation and give some practical advice. From this it is very easy to conclude that psychological motivation is one of the most important tasks facing any connoisseur of poker.